[beagleboard] Absolute Beginner needs advice

Don -

I think I need a good tutorial on Linux Ubuntu and one on Python .
Preferably free but if there is a particularly
good book or online course I could maybe pay if its not too expensive .

IMHO, for learning Unix (including Linux) you should first learn the
bash shell. e.g. with "Learning the bash Shell" O'Reilly or one of the
thousands online resources. Open a terminal emulator and there you
bash resembles a bit the good old DOS terminal, but very soon you will
realize it's power.


May I suggest linux from scratch. It is how I learned. Granted I am no expert but it was very helpful to build linux from scratch. And for the most part I can hold my own.

Check out CodeAcademy[1] for learning Python.


[1] http://www.codecademy.com

Thanks for that Daniel.
I just downloaded it . and it looks very useful