[beagleboard] after a crash, mouse and keyboard stopped working.

My mouse and keyboard stopped working! Yesterday, I was downloading
OpenCV on my Beagle board. Then, out of a sudden it crashed and after
a long wait I had no choice but hard resetting my board. From then on,
the board just works fine except for its responses to mouse and
keyboard. When I boot the board, the login page appears, the serial
terminal on my PC shows that mouse and keyboard are detected, and I am
able to command my board using the serial terminal. However, there are
no responses to the mouse movement and typing on keyboard and also no
internet connection is existed.
Does anybody know how I can fix this problem? I really hope that I
will be able to resolve it witout reinstalling the whole angstrom.

Thanks in advance,

i guess the drivers for net, mouse and keyboard are not installed…

check your boot log in /var/log/messages

install them and see.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve checked the path that you mentioned. There is nothing named messages under log folder. When I locate at var/log and use ls I see the following line.

Xorg.0.log lastlog wtmp

What do you think I should do? How can I install the required drivers?