BeagleBoard and Matlab

My name is Camilo Moncayo, I’m a Electronic Engineering and I’m working with the BeagleBoard. I want to do a embedded coder from Matlab, using the remoteBuild function as say in a Matlab example, but only I got this: “Error executing SSH command:The system can not find the path specified.”
Therefore I try a comunication between my PC and the Beagleborad I did just with a ping in the Comman Prompt (in Windows) and I had response from de BeagleBoard, so that is ok.
Now I’m trying to connet to the beagleboard as host from my PC just with the IP, but this requires user name and Password and I don’t know how I can setup this stuff.
thanks for any help
best regards
Camilo Moncayo

Hi Camilo,

I’ve managed to get my Beagleboard-XM connected to MATLAB and working with SSH.

To get where I am I did the following:

First I installed PUTTY (its the SSH application that MATLAB uses to communicate with the Beagleboard) on my HOST (Windows 7)

Second, I plugged an USB OTG cable between the Beagleboard and my HOST PC. DHCP is enabled (by default), so they both get IP addresses.

Third, I plugged a USB to RS232 converter between the Beagleboard and my HOST PC. To find out the corresponding COM port look in the device manager (under Control Panel>System).

Next, I ran PUTTY and connected to COMx (the port found from above) with baud rate of 115200.

Then, I logged in as “root”, and pressed enter for the password. Typing “ifconfig -a” gives you a list of corresponding network interfaces (note USB1’s IP address) and close the PUTTY terminal.

Lastly, in MATLAB, when using remoteBuild(), the parameters will be the buildInfo.mat file, the IP address of your target (and possibly appended with port :22), and the installation directory of PUTTY.

This should get you going, it’s pretty much the steps that I ran through. If you find plugging in the OTG cable causes errors with the Beagleboard’s kernel, I can’t help too much with that: I just reset the board and hope it goes away. It’s worth noting that you’ll need gcc, make, gdb and the rest of the c compiling toolchain on the Beagleboard, otherwise the remoteBuilder wont work.

To install gcc and the toolchain, use PUTTY, login as root (either via the IP address and SSH or COMx and Serial) and type “opkg install XXX”, where XXX is the package name.


Frazer Noble

Hi Frazer,
Did you able to remote build on Beagle Board XM ?


Glad to see your post. Have you sort out your problem?

I am doing the same thing as you did. I am using the Matalb 2012a and just follow the tutorial (link below)
and everying works fine, except

I could not find any demo file (*.mdl) to verify if the model can run at my BB-xm. What example file did you use for remoteBuild?



I want to implement image processing on beagleboard xM using the Image Processing toolbox of Matlab. Is this possible?? Can i run the matlab code on beagleboard as a standalone application without connecting the pc and without using matlab at runtime… Plzz help.