[BeagleBoard][Android-Video] porting problem

I’ve followed the instruction on http://labs.embinux.org/index.php/Android_Porting_Guide_to_Beagle_Board
And I succeeded to boot Android from BeagleBoard but I have a problem when play video. The board only output sound and a black screen. The player status bar still display but not the movie.
MP3 is played well. I convert movie to MPEG-4 H.264.
I think there’s problem with the codec or may be I need a driver for the board.
I’m a newbie so everything getting a little complicate to me.
Any help please?
Thanks and best regards,
Giang Nguyen


We met a problem that performance downgrade about 20%, for beagle board to omap3530, same configuration. Because u-boot disabled L2 cache before exit, and I think this might be the problem. Is there any solution to enable L2 cache for beagle board?

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