[beagleboard] Angstrom Demo Image

We are quite successful with our own kernel and the Angstrom Demo
image. Just one puzzle piece is missing:


Therefore, we can't configure xorg.conf to use our touchscreen in
calibrated and dejittered mode. In evdev-mode it works - but ignores

Can anyone please share such a file?


opkg install xf86-input-tslib

If you google for "/usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/tslib_drv.so" 8 out of the first 10 links give you the name of the package....

Hm. I have no network connection on my BB. From which server does this
package come from so that I can download it off-line?

It appears that we get different results from Google. I just see two
references out of 10 - both for Debian packages. #1 is a Arch Linux
Forum. Are the package names always the same as with opkg?

Ah found it finally: