BeagleBoard - Angstrom Linux Distribution - DLPpico Projectror isn't working


I have successfully booted custom Angstrom Linux distribution on my BB. After having much problems with getting camera working on my BB, I have now problems with DLPpico Projector.

It works with Demo Angstrom version, but with my custom version it doesn’t. I have compared xconfig configuration between Demo an Custom versions and it’s almost the same. Have anyone among you guys similar problems? My BB is BBrevC4, and kernel version is 3.5.0+.


Do you have the right ‘dvimode’ args set in the u-boot NAND env? I recall that it has to be something like ‘640x480MR-32@60’ or something like that … assuming this is the TI DLP Pico Projector, you’re talking about… Also, the args for this are different between kernel versions, I’m not sure if they changed for the 3.x kernel, but there were quite some differences in the args a few years ago … double-check that you’re using the right format.


Jay, thanks for your answer.

I also thought that u-boot args could be the source of the problem, but on the other hand, both Demo and Custom versions of Angstrom use the same boot agrs so, if TI DLP Pico Projectror is working with Demo version it means that the args are fine. Further, it means that the cause of the problem is in my Custom kernel itself. Or am I wrong…?