[beagleboard] Angstrom on Beaglebone Black (Switched to Ubuntu)

I appreciate you helpfulness in these issue. You constructive criticism, is appreciated. But, I must point out, that you do not have to use Angstrom and no one is forcing you to, You do have a choice. You should at least give us some credit for giving you that choice. A lot of the boards out here do not provide that choice. I guess one benefit of being stupid as we are, is that we do give you freedom to choose and freedom to help everyone’s experience get better and that is your only goal in what you are saying.

Thank you!


Gerald…The board is great… and Angstrom really isn’t an issue. After I learned my way around the distro it was a piece of cake. I installed npm and was able to add i2c_master funtionality with no problem. wifi with a cheap stubby realtek adapter does not work well with wpa2 but that adapter does not work well period. I used it for a adhoc link between my
macpro and a brookstone ac13 rover. I though maybe the poor range was due to the rover so I did a test to an AP. I could only get 70ft range with the stubby wifi adapter.

I got a wifi adapter with a rubber ducky antenna. So far it’s fine.

I think angstrom was a greeat choice for an embedded platform. It’s leaner. Keep up the great work!