beagleboard Angstrom


I would like to work with console-image image and add some recipes to
it and hack some code for beagleboard, but i am unable to do this
trivial thing, since angstrom downloads, patch, install.., and finally
remove the sources.

I would like to setup my ubuntu 9.10 64 bit, build the console-image
and have the patched sources locally, change what i need and build the
new image with my changes.

What i have done so far was trying to build the default console-image
with some application added to a new recipe like this:

I changed the local.conf in a hope of keeping the sources, but that
seems not to work and surely is not the way to go.

I added : # INHERIT += "rm_work".
I made some changes to tinylogin (i thought it should be busybox...)
to see if this changes would go to the image, but for some reason, the
new image kept with the patched tinylogin, i am confused.

I need a way to add tslib to a new console-image recipe, keep the
sources, add or change the some apps the way i need.

Can someone give some directions?