[beagleboard] Availability of a wide range of beagle boards

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM9 board and is the cheapest. It has one drawback, the limitation on how many USB devices it can handle.

I have not managed to get it to work with more than 4 devices connected to a powered USB hub, adding one more device causes it to freeze.

I have set it to one side and concentrating on the Beaglebone where I am supporting a Gigabit Ethernet dongle, keyboard, mouse, a USB sound card and a Lilliput 7" USB LCD display on a 7 port powered USB hub.

How much documents can you get from BCM ?

I prefer BB (Both BeagleBone and BeagleBoard)


2012/10/8 Sid Boyce <sboyce@blueyonder.co.uk>

They don’t have open documentation though, but on the other hand they provide high level APIs like OpenGL or OpenMAX to by hardware decode AND encode 1080p mp4 video, jpeg images, and other formats. They have high level libraries to access hardware. They also have forums and a large community (they already have half a million boards sold!). They provide easy C examples in their main distribution to work with OpenGL and OpenMAX. At last they have a very aproachable platform (easy and cheap) and by the end of the year they will have a 5 mpx camera (they have also tested 14 mpx sensors) with which it will be possible to capture and encode 1080 video at 30 fps.

With respect ,

I totally understand how cheap and how powerful of the bcm2835

But , If broadcom can release the document . someone can do more work on it .instead of only Raspberry

what I want to say is , I want bcm2835 , not Raspberry .

2012/10/9 mrne <damosvil@gmail.com>

Absolutely, but the thing I’d like to highlight is how easy is in RaspBerry to write and SD and then you have the examples, documentation, etc, and everything works fine out of the box. You even don’t have to scratch your head for a long to encode video at 1080p because you have examples and they work out of the box, while in other platforms it’s just a challenge. You can spend weeks without finding out why the encoder doesn’t work just like in the ENIAC times. I mean, it shouldn’t be so hard to do just a common task like to encode video or even sometimes to boot an SD card.

For people like me , make something different with others is FUN .

I know the RaspBerry have done quite a lot works , But , if someone , can do different things on it .

It would be more fun .


2012/10/9 mrne <damosvil@gmail.com>

I respect your point of view, but in my opinion if I need to sell a product based on a platform I’d like all working from scratch to relay on it.