Beagleboard B5 + ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img

Hi all,

I've been struggeling with my BB rev B5 to get the ubuntu-11.04-
preinstalled-headless-armel+omap. Had problems to get login prompt via
the serial interface ttyO2 but finaly i've got it right.

Now I can't log in as root or as any user at all?? What is the root
password in ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img? Is
there a default user I could use? I've seen something about user
ubuntu password: passwrd but it doesn't work?

Please I really need some help



user: ubuntu
password: temppwd

It's been the default for most of the ubuntu images..


Thanks Robert for quick reply!

I've tried ubuntu and temppwd but it doesn't work?

my output look like following:

It's pretty easy to reset the password....

I lost mine once and followed instructions similar to method 3 at this


That's a pain...

I'd bug the ubuntu dev's on #ubuntu-arm... the headless images should
have a default user/pass..


Thank you Mark!

That made the trick! Finally booted into the system after a few days
struggeling. :wink:

Again thanks to both you and Robert for very quick reply and help!