beagleboard basis for the touchbook?

anyone have any experience with the touchbook? based on a brief
perusal, it appears to be based on a beagleboard design, but it's
devilishly hard to get real specs from *any* of the online reviews,
all of whom appear to blindly copy from one another.

  i've heard it's based on a B5 design, but one review says it has
128M RAM, another says 256M. anyone from the BB community played with
one? been following its design?


All the specs here:


huh. in all my travels, i managed to miss that page. thanks. and
if anyone has managed to get their hands on one, does its alleged
beagleboard basis give one a platform to do BB development? that
would be kind of cool -- a perfectly usable linux netbook and a native
BB development system.


I don't know if people are using it yet for native development, but
the OS is based on Open Embedded. Take a look at the touchbook forums,

This thread, in particular, addresses your questions:

It's basically Rev B2, but it doesn't have any video output aside from
the LCD connector that's already in use.

The wiki also looks informative; there's a picture and brief
description of the board there:

I'm looking forward to getting mine!

I've got one. I like it a lot, but look forward to the software
evolving for it a bit more (and look forward to running some more
stuff on it). The battery life is awesome--I ran it off-and-on for a
week without recharging so I have no idea how long the battery will
last other than a really long time. I think the keyboard needs to be
a bit heavier, I'd like to be able to turn off the mouse pad (I'm
weird with those and use the "nubs" on Dell keyboards), and I'd like
to swap the right-shift key with the end key, but it I can type on it
very well for as small as it is. It was really great for my plane
rides and is much more carryable (is that a word?) than my normal

I shoved a 16GB USB stick inside of it (like not having that stick
out) and put a ton of movies and music on it. Watched movies for

Now, just looking for some more free time to customize the OS for
myself. Would really love to start with the image that is default as
it is pretty usable and I just want a few tweaks.