[beagleboard] BB and Cam

uvc is supported in the kernel

add this package: "sudo apt-get install uvccapture"

Then just run:

uvccapture -d/dev/video0 -x800 -y600 -t0 -o tmp.jpg -q95


Does a device show up under /dev/video0 ?


I think I might have had to add kernel-module-uvcvideo or kernel-module-usbvideo to get this going.

(Also when you do get it going, I periodically see error messages about corrupted frame headers
  with my Logitech cam, with a corresponding green frame displayed. I'd be interested to know
  if you see the same).


Weird nothing on there..

Can you dump your full dmesg for me... "dmesg | pastebinit" then copy
the pastebin.com link.. Maybe something there will help...

I just setup a similar system with a logitec uvc c5xx family webcam..