[beagleboard] BBB Battery shutdown

Hi Bolek,

I’m traveling so I don’t have access to my development system. The code I was referring to is V4.1 which will be different from the V3.8.13 kernel you are using. To start with, you have to download the kernel source code and if you are using an older kernel, you should use this repo:


Follow the instructions on how to build the kernel you need.

Next, you will find the kernel source code in the KERNEL folder.

In that folder, do the following:

git grep TPS65217_INT_ACI

That will list all the source files that reference this term.

My guess it would be something like drivers/mfd/tps65217.c

Doing a quick search, it looks like this gets added by a patch:


This is the wrong repo, but there should be something similar in the /patches folder.

I apologize for not giving you the exact links, but I am doing this mainly from memory and a quick google search.