[beagleboard] BBB not booting after update - SD Boot not working

Could you help us help you by telling is which of the four BeagleBoards you have?


He said BBB in the subject

try what i did use the most recent image and reflash your emmc from the SD card

worked for me

Sorry! I missed that!


But I was ready!


Any chance you can get a FTDI cable on it to see the serial port messages?
Do you have any lights at all?
Did you follow the process on the link I sent?


That means the boot process is hanging. Maybe due to an incomplete flash process. It takes 45 minutes to flash a board. You need to create the flash SD card and make sure you hold the boot button down while applying power. The LEDs will start flashing after abut 15 seconds or so and start the flashing process.

Try using this image and see if it helps.