[beagleboard] Beagleboard won't boot with a serial device is connected

Hello Jep,

I had the same problem with the BeagleBone. The answer is simple: you don’t have enough power to handle both the booting process and the external device. My BeagleBone would not boot with an extra device hooked up onto it’s USB when powered through USB from my laptop and sometimes it was also not enough to use my 2A DC adapter. Finally, everything’s working when I use a 4,4A lipo battery with a voltage regulator :slight_smile:


2012/9/12 jep <jeprox15@gmail.com>

The answer is even simpler. The beagleboard is getting stuck on u-boot. I think your device send some data to the serial line right at the moment when you have:
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 3…2…1…0, then the boot process stops and the board is at the u-boot comand line.

Hi Bence,

Thanks for the hint. The beagleboard also successfully boot when I turn it on after my serial device boot up. I guess the reason why the beagleboard didn’t boot up with the serial device is connected because I power on both at the same time, probably, both requires high current at start up that a single power supply could not provide. So I just put a switch for the beagle board, so if I plug in the power supply for both the serial device will start up first then after some time I turn on the switch for beagle board then it works.