[beagleboard] Beagleboard xm rev A3 does not respond

The board only comes with the SD card, so I am not sure what the write protected USB is. You may have a corrupted SD cards. I would try and recreate the SD card,



I checked my SD card - and it’s fine i can read from it and to it using my PC.
So i guess my question is:
Is my Beagleboard no different from a stone?
Is there any simple way i can fix my board?
Is there any service i can use?


Reading it from a PC does not necessarily mean it will work. As to the actual state of your board, I am not there so it is hard to know for sure, as a result I cannot tell you how to fix it as we do not know ofr sure what needs to be fixed.

. I suggest you try and recreate the SD card and not rely on a PC do determine the state of the card.

If this does not work, you can request an RMA and have it looked at. http://beagleboard.org/support/rma