[beagleboard] BeagleboardxM rev. C - no network, missing smsc95xx

So a couple things come to mind... What git version of stable-kernel?

voodoo@hades:/opt/github/stable-kernel$ git describe

Did you copy the modules? There's a handy script that can be run

What version of gcc? (this is printed early when run "./build_kernel.sh"..)

btw: for stuff like that it's sometimes easier to create an issue here:


specially if something the script went wrong...


Hi Robert:

Thanks for looking!

Ugh... I didn't have all the modules installed. Once I ran your script to
install the modules and booted the network came right up... I don't think
there's a problem with the scripts, I think there is a problem with me. :wink:

That being said, I think I have a bit of a Frankenstein's monster of a
card. I have the file system created with the prebuilt image but with the
kernel files I've built. I want to be able to do this from scratch, from a
blank mini-SD and have not been able to recreate the success of the
'Monster' card. This is because I couldn't figure out how to get all the
file system, uboot, etc... built kernel all done successfully. Now if it
wasn't for the helpful information you've posted i wouldn't have anything
booted at all, but if you could help me along with the steps from a blank
mini-SD card that would be great. I'm a bit new at this so I appreciate
your patience.

Starting with a blank mini-SD card, I've been referencing two different
pieces of information from you:

stable-kernel/README at 37559b94abe86889e5b9cfdb317059c6ce9cf319 · RobertCNelson/stable-kernel · GitHub

2. http://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBoard

but I haven't been successful creating a fully bootable card from either
link (or a combination). Rather than retrace my steps, could you outline
what I should do and double check you information at those links?

Things within the system.sh file are confusing me a bit, such as given a
blank mini-SD card what I should be including here:

For a brand new, blank sd card the MOST important thing, is the first
fat partition..


If this isn't properly formatted and the MLO/u-boot.img aren't copied
first, you'll never see the board boot.. (the serial port would be

Beyond that first partition, everything else can be installed in any
random order..

what is ZRELADDR=0x80008000

That's the physicall address in memory for the kernel entry point..
Luckly TI's been nice enough to keep the same through out the omap
line... Other companies (like freescale) tend to randomly change it on
every new silicon release..

versus the address found within link (2)

That's just the physical address in memory we are using in u-boot to
copy the zImage too.. (nothing is really special with that specific
address, besides being in ddr memory bank, it can be moved anywhere,
as long as it's referenced at the end "boot 0x80...".)


same as zimage, note above but for the initrd...

as well as BUILD_UIMAGE=1 ?

As of u-boot-2012.04.01, uImage's are not required, so we can boot a
raw zImage.. (aka no more wasting time with mkimage and zreladdr)...
But some devices are stuck on an older u-boot version, so they can
build uImage's...