[beagleboard] Beaglebone Beginning Problems

Duncan M <duncanmacconnell@gmail.com> [12-09-06 19:44]:

I was given a Beaglebone to use that I was told was fired up, was working,
and then hasn't been used for roughly one month.

When I connect via usb I can't see the volume, I don't get heartbeat led
I took the microSD into an adapter and then to a card reader.. when I do
this I get the following error:

"Unable to mount Angstrom
Error mounting mount: block device /dev/sdb2 is write-protected, mounting
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on .dev.sdb2, missing
codepage or helper program, or other error.."

Running dmesg | tail after this provides the following:
calum@MrFabulous:~$ dmesg | tail[ 9657.539279] sdb: sdb1 sdb2[ 9657.545091] - Pastebin.com

This was the sd that came with Beaglebone, dated 06-18-12. So they ship
them write protected?
What possible reasons would it have to not produce heartbeat/let me connect
via minicom?

I really would like to put ubuntu on this.. but since I couldn't even get
the prebuild Angstrom going I am not sure.
Sorry if this has been answered.. I looked and couldn't see anything

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shot into the follows... :wink:

"Secure data"-cards sometimes become too "secure". I had a sandisc
16GB cards (and heard of such cases), which suddenly became
unwriteable...even formatting was blocked. This happens in this cases
when writing to the card with too less voltage supplied.

May be this happens with your card?!

The demo images are available online if I am not totally wrong here.
So I would suggest to format the card. If this fails with "write
protected"...you card has become a "real secure" card. There is no
way back as of my knowledge.

Try buying a new card then.

Sorry for not haveing better news...

Good luck!
Best regards,