[beagleboard] BeagleBone Black and WiFi/SDIO Capes?

Go to circuitco.com/support and that is where all of the documentation is located. And yes if you go there you will see under accessories section that the WifI capes are currently listed as incompatible at this time. You may be able to shutdown the eMMC and boot from SD and still use those capes. But that still needs to be tested. It may also require a design change on the capes to make this possible.

Sorry you a bummed out about it. But there are trade offs to be made when you design these boards. There are only so many pins. Our goal was not to make every cape compatible and make no changes that may require changes on the capes. Cost was our goal here. And as these capes are not fully funcinal anyway form a SW perspective, they obviously lack full support as it is.