[beagleboard] Beaglebone Buffer I/O issues

Can you reproduce the issue using a different SD card? Like one from a
different manufacturer?

Which file system are you using now?
Can you reproduce the issue using a different file system? Try btrfs,
both on the original SD card and on a different one. Still causing

Having some kind of accelerated testing inputs to create the 200 k
inputs to the database would be advisable, rather than waiting 30 days

Can you run some integrity checks on your Kingston SD card?
Such as, build a 4 MiB block of random data (from /dev/urandom) (4 MiB
as that's what I recall the eraseblock size is of those Kingston cards)
and write it to every eraseblock on the card with dd. Then read all
blocks back and verify that they match. If you have a "stuck"
eraseblock, this will find it. You can do this multiple times.

You could also try some variation of Bunnie's tests[1] to help sus
things out.