[beagleboard] BeagleBone build 3.8.13 kernel with rt_preempt patch: No network, no eth0


I built my own kernel with the scripts of Robert C. Nelson. I used the 3.8
branch (https://github.com/RobertCNelson/linux-dev/tree/am33x-v3.8) and
executed the following scripts

- build_kernel.sh
- then I patched manually the rt patch 3.8.13-rt10

Last time i checked, there was a merge conflict in the cpsw network
driver used on the beaglebone with the rt patchset... 'So' did you
just ignore that *.rej file?

- rebuild.sh
- in make_menuconfig I activated the Fully Preemption
- install_kernel.sh

The kernel is booting but I am not able to get the network running. Do I
have to change something in the config to get the network running?


Thanks for your answer. You are right. I get several conflicts. So I have a closer look.

This one has the cpsw patches removed: https://github.com/beagleboard/kernel/tree/3.8/patches/preempt-rt

Thank you!


I built and installed the kernel how it is described in the readme file. But the kernel d’t boot. Then I tried to build and install the kernel from the patched sources with the scripts of Robert Nelson, but then it didn’t boot, too.

I use the BBB, is the description in the readme file correct for the BBB, too? Do I have to use the beaglebone black firmware?

Has somebody succeded in building and running the 3.8 rt branch kernel? https://github.com/beagleboard/kernel/tree/3.8-rt