[beagleboard] BeagleBone for DAQ application and strict timing requirements

You have a lot here. I suggest you break it down into topics and make multiple posts so you can get a specific conversation going just on one topic. Otherwise this is going to be a jumbled mess on responses, assuming anyone wants to take a crack at all this.

At a glance in general, I don’t see any issues in doing what you want, but I see that channels, volts, Samples Per second and Bits per sample all are missing. Try adding more specifics to narrow it down and provide focus.


I agree with Gerald’s comment, but I will throw in a common pattern of using the PRUs for the fastest, simplest stuff and applying the RT patch or Xenomai for the bigger stuff that is still time critical. If you want to sacrifice the huge body of available software for Linux, you can build GUIs on StarterWare too, and even bring in RTOSes.