[beagleboard] BeagleBone from 6VDC battery?

That is the truth and not a CYA. Do not use 6V into the system. You will blow up the USB interface and the processor along with it.


Absolutely. I tried to bring mine up on a 5.5 volt regulated wall wart.
No go. Your best bet is a low dropout 5.0 volt regulator.


if you dont already have the 6V SLA, maybe

Recom R-785.0-1.0

6.5v - 18v in, 5v out, 1A, ~90% efficiency

if $10 a pop and 5 watts meets your criteria.


My recommendation: Find out your current requirement. Then choose a step-down low-ripple
switching regulator capable for the current and with high efficiency (over 85 %).