[beagleboard] beaglebone: standalone application (eventually running uCOSII)

I don’t understand. The NIOS might be limited but you have the FPGA that will outperform the beaglebone any day.
Just a “little” vhdl and you are on the way.

Hi all
thanks for very interesting answers. The starterware in combination with looping probably does the job. I already have some flash connected to FPGA, so by using alternative downloading methods - SPI or serial, I could load the beaglebone application through the FPGA

Agree that FPGA is outperforming CPUs - at certain tasks. The I cannot imagine HTTP server and TCPIP communication being realized by FPGA itself. The goal of all this is to make high speed acquisitions (160MHz 16bit data streams), do some mathematical treatment and expose those data
- via TCPIP socket to specific client application
- via HTTP in form of graph (the best would be using websockets)
- via IP multicast so whoever interested can hook to it

as you see, those three tasks are not really for FPGA, but standalone application might do. in case that standalone application does not manage to do these tasks I would have to go to linux installation, but in this case the DMA data transfer would probably require writing a kernel module in addition to a server application, what seems to be a bit of overkill (and would mean as well that I'd need some additional media like uSD I would have to take care about)...

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