[beagleboard] BEGINNERS HELP

Hey Everyone, new here..

I am trying to get a simple serial connection to beagleboard via RS232 and
null modem connection.
I tried using my usb serial adapter with osx but was not recognized.. so
over to linux machine.
using dmesg | tty I find that plugging in the adapter connects as USB0..
so then minicom -s and I set 115200 8N1, no flow control, and the port to
but powering on beagleboard shows nothing.. minicom just sits there.

any help is graciously received! thanks.

These steps may help:


thanks for the reply!

I had previously gone through the

Tedious Old-Fashioned Way Using Minicombut to no avail. after setting it up as I detailed earlier (how it says in tutorial)

I get nothing from minicom.