Beagleboard Black drivers

I recently got a Beagleboard Black. I plugged it in, and everything functioned appropriately until it came time within the start.html instructions to install the drivers; when I tried to do that, it simply gave me a list of the drivers and told me “install failed”. I am running windows 8, 64-bit, on a new Asus laptop. It is of note that I have never used a beagleboard before, and I was tasked with figuring this one out by my boss with no real knowledge of what it’s even for…

I checked that I am running 64-bit windows, I rebooted the computer, retried the installer several times, and tried to find a similar issue with no success.

I can’t figure out what is wrong with them, can anyone please help?

Try googling for win 8 signature verification disabling. I believe you have to disable signature verification on Windows 8 for the drivers to install properly.


Did this work for you? If so it may be worth adding to the FAQ in case Windows 8 becomes… popular…

The answer was resolved here:

Tell me how it goes.

I’ve looked at signing the drivers, but doing so from a Mac has proven difficult for me. Does anyone know if there is a way to sign the drivers from a Mac?