Beagleboard black for the dumb evil genius?

Hi all,

OK so I am one of those guys who likes to cut and copy code from sources to get my arduino projects to work, the moment you start talking to me about learning programming and editing firmware, etc I fall into a coma. I have just heard about beaglebone black (yes I live under a rock) it sounds really interesting and I am thinking that it could be used to improve my desktop CNC (currently being driven by grblshield and arduino). Is this possible, I am starting to look into projects but would like to hear what the forum guys think, is beaglebone black another rasb Pi? Or can it really be used for CNC/robotics/etc?

thanks in advance

Hi Maximus,

You’ll find this link helpfull.

Well it can certainly used
(see )

but if you fall into coma when someone starts talking about programming… maybe you’ve to hire someone???

I am using a similar setup for a machine, from what I have found has the closest thing to an out of the box running setup. Buy the cape and the cape adapter boards load the software and you are pretty much moving.