Beagleboard Black Revisions


I am considering to buy a Bleaglebone Black.
What I want to avoid is to buy the "currently newest" BBB board revision (A5C as far as I know) only to
experience an update of the board revision two weeks later...would be a little frustrating.... :wink:

Are there any open issues with the BBB, which needs to be fixed in hardware?
Are there any changes for the hardware planned, which changes features or improve the board?
Or in short: Is it "safe to me" to buy a BBB (A5C) now or should I wait ?

Thank you very much in advance for any help !

Best regards,

We do have some changes planned, but they won’t hit production for another 6 weeks or more. Nothing major. Nothing that affects features or operation.

It is safe to buy a revision 5C.


Great - do you know anywhere in the UK that sells the 5C please? RS online, Rapid, and a number of others are still on 5A or 5B at the moment. Many thanks!

I don’t track distributor inventories by revision number. There is little difference between the revisions as indicated on the Wiki. You need to look at what changed to see if that affects you in making your decision on which revision you need. There is very little difference in the revisions. A5A and A5B are exactly the same and A5C tweaked a production test passing issue.