Beagleboard Black Router

I would like to turn a Beaglebone Black into a router, but that is hard to do with only one RJ45. In order to do this, I assume I first need a Proto Cape and some RJ45 breakout boards. Does anyone know how I could get started. software, hardware, programming?

There are USB to Ethernet dongles, so you could use one of those, if you need
more there are SPI to Ethernet modules.

There is a second Ethernet port (but only one) on the chip, but not all of
the pins are exported, so it is unusable.


Honestly I think you would be better off using the TI Sitara dev board. It does cost $200, but it has dual GbE, and comes with support software. How good is the software? I could not say.

I have used those $9 Chinese 3 port USB hub with Ethernet on the Beagle Board, and they work surprisingly well. The
old Beagle Board doesn’t have an RJ45 on it. In fact, I use them in embedded systems, I break open the housing,
cut off the USB jacks and mount the board against the box so the RJ45 sticks out. These should work fine on the
Bone, as well, if you need an extra Ethernet. They will probably show up as network device usb-1 instead
of eth0.


Could you post a link and/or model number for the hardware you have verified?


There is this one: