BeagleBoard Black Wireless: No GUI after installation any graphical environment (lxqt, gnome ...)

Hello, everyone!

I need some help with my trouble.
I tried this instruction

Well, the kernel started, all is grate.
After this I’ve follow on this

When installation and rebooting finished, board only show black window without cursor, and after this (if display is plugged to board) the system is hangs.
No key combination doesn’t help. LED USR2 and USR1 stop at all.

And that’s happened on any desktop: gnome, kde, lxqt, lxde.
With lxde and lxqt is one exclusion: I can press ++ and go to the tty.

When I’m not plugging monitor to the board, the image with gnome | kde is starting, and after download I can connect with board through ssh on my host machine,
and even start glxgears for example.

Please help me solve this problem!
Many thanks for any help!

Sounds like you skipped this step:

ubuntu defaults to the modesetting driver which commonly locks the board.

Otherwise, we do ship a lxqt image ready to go right here: