[beagleboard]board-omap3beagle configuration

I'm using kernel 2.6.29-omap1

I was wondering, what is the "standard" (by standard I mean easier ^^)
way to configure the beagle pin mux?? I want to enable UART2 (if it is
not already enabled) SPI3 and SPI4

If by kernel, what should I modify?? Is there any example??

I believe it is simpler by u-boot (at least, it seems easier...) could
you guys please help? I'm stuck....

what version of u-boot is good to build with OE?? u-boot-
omap3beagleboard-1.1.4 ?? I'm planning on creating a diff to modify
the board/ti/beagle/beagle.h file and add it to SRC_URI...Is this

This is my board file as it is now (I highlighted all of my


thank you very much,
Saul Andrade

UART2 is enabled in Angstrom. Watch carefully during a kernel booting and you will 3 UARTS supported.
SPI3 and SPI4 will require a manual fixing.
u-boot for Ansgtrom: it is not 1.1.4, take a look at receipes/u-boot/u-boot_git.bb and you will find the version. I guess the following set of commands will give you the sources:

git clone git://gitorious.org/u-boot-omap3/mainline.git u-boot-omap3
cd u-boot-omap3
git checkout --track -b omap3-dev origin/omap3-dev
git checkout d363f9cb0918a1b6b92e2e20d01543d0c4f53274

and I’m not sure that line “git checkout --track -b omap3-dev origin/omap3-dev” is necessary, but it worked for me.
Do you need to modify the kernel? I think there you will have a lot of problems because compiling the OE kernel is not that piece of cake as u-boot :slight_smile:

2010/6/9 Saul <saul.a.andrade@gmail.com>