[beagleboard] [bone] 3rd MMC port pins not fully exposed

I will take a look at it. It will take me while to get to it. Feel free to look at the schematic and the datasheet for the AM3359 and you can get the answer via that path as well.

Adding signals to the expansion connector on your board is up to you, but that is not something we will be doing on the production boards. Any signal not brought out is ether already used elsewhere on the board or not connected at all. If it is not connected at all, adding a wire to the ball under the package is not something that can be done easily, if at all.


I was cross-referencing the SRM with the TI chip reference because the
MMC1 looked odd. Thus the note.

The hardware issue, though, I'll probably assume the worst because the
pin on the chip is J16, M17, or T13. none of which are brought out on
the expansion headers.

OK. I checked the SRM and it is correct. I have to assume you are looking at an old version. Latest version is found at



J16 is used by the Ethernet interface.

M17 is used by the Ethernet interface.

T13 is not balled out at all.


Yep, the A5's SRM is on beagleboard.org; A6's is correct. Looks like
the site needs updating!

T13 just isn't connected? Figures... Well, time to tweak the design a
bit and have a fast native SD and slow storage SD via SPI (although
from what I see is that I can add another SD-via-SPI on it as well...)

Due to the pin muxing, it is tough to get everything out that everybody wants! Can’t have it all!!