[beagleboard] Boot Fail

Hi all,

I am a BB newby and embedded processor as well.
Could you please someone there help me out?
I mistakenly typed following command and rebooted my BB (rev C2).

OMAP3 beagleboard.org # nand unlock

OMAP3 beagleboard.org # nand erase
Unfortunately, after I gave the above two commands and reboot,
I can't see any sign of boot procedure I've seen before on the communication program at all.

(I successfully installed Angstrom Demo and ubuntu lxde before).

Symptom : 
. only  1 LED(power D5) lights up
. Cutecom communication program shows some hex codes at very begging of plugging in power like below but no letters at all.


I tried followings to recover my BB(rev C2) but they didn't work.

Could someone please help me with this or give me some clues?

I appreciate any help in advance.


While you have deleted the NAND you should still be able to boot from SD card. Make sure that the SD card has been properly built and that the MLO file was copied before any other files.

Alternatively you could try downloading the ESC demo image as its less fiddly/error prone to write to a card (see: http://beagleboard.org/esc).

Dear Michael,

I appreciate you for the advice.
After I’d done several repeated fail with SanDisk(4giga) SDHC card, I could finally reboot the BB with Transcend 4giga SDHC.

Thanks again

2009/7/6 Michael Evans <horse_dung@hotmail.com>