BeagleBoard boot up.

Hi, I am working with Rev C of beagle board, everything was working
fine up until today.

The board powered up and I was able to get the Agnstrom running on the
board without a problem, after formatting the SD card with proper

Today while playing around with it, I erased the nane using >> NAND
erase : command.

Now the only thing coming out on the serial port is >> 40V.

How do I get the board working again, I am a newbie to this stuff and
would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

I would follow the the instructions found at

This is what we use in the factory.


Hi Gerald, I am following the instruction at the link posted above,
but even then I do not get anything after 40V.

The only thing that I am doing different is formatting the SD card
using windows instead of HP disk storage tool. Any other suggestions?


If you use windows to format the card, it will never boot. You must use the HP Format utility.


Thanks, used Gparted to make the SD card bootable, that fixed the

I am glad you got it working!