Beagleboard booting in loop


I have got a latest version of Beagleboard. It is running from the SD
Card provided to me along with beagleboard.

But if I add ethernet cable or change the filesystem (the one which is
empty with 3.8GB memory left) format of SD Card to ext3 it is again
going into booting loop. It is booted and again when comes to terminal
automatically boots again and again.
Please help asap.



How are you powering the board? If you are powering it over the USB, there most likely is not enough current supplied by your PC for a full up operation of the USB hub on board. You would need to power it from a 5V power supply.


i am powering it using 5V only.

How much current? Exactly where does it reboot? Can you post the debug messages?



Once I connect the SD card it boots, then if I connect Ethernet Cable it forms booting loops.
Also, when I made the empty partition of SD Card as ext3 then also it forms Booting loops. It is supplied 600mA current and 5V.


Oh. 600MA is not enough current. You need at least 2A and preferably 3A.


You should probably try a wall-wart that can source 5V @ 2 amps-ish. 600mA may not be enough.


I already tried 2A on Rev C3, but it’s level shifter got burned. Also, I am not booting any LCD screen I am just using minicom on Ubuntu 10.04.
So, is it surely safe to use 2A current supply for A3 version on board.


Current is not something that burns things out. It is voltage. So, any issues you had on the C3 were most likely related to voltage that was too high. Most likely caused by a poorly regulated cheap power supply. As long as the voltage is regulated and 5V you can connect a 10A supply if you have one. There should be no issue using a regulated 5V 2A power supply.



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