[beagleboard] Building Simple Kernel Module on BeagleBone

I'm currently trying to compile a simple Hello Word kernel module on the BeagleBone but I'm running into issues since the environment isn't configured correctly.

I've tried following the instructions here and have the appropriate fies: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/beagleboard/BKnNkP3qzQs

Specifically the message that has these lines:

git clone git://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/setup-scripts.git
MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh config beaglebone
MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh update
MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh bitbake virtual/kernel

That is not meant to run on the bone, but on your much faster linux workstation.

But when I try to run the line:

MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh config beaglebone

I get the error:

No manual entry for git-log
Your installed version of git is too old, it lacks --no-abbrev. Please install 1.7.6 or newer

I know that I'm currently running version 1.7.7 of git so that shouldn't be the issue and I've got man pages working but there doesn't seem to be entries for git. The BeagleBone seems to be running kernel version 3.2.5+ (I'm using the default Angstrom OS). I don't have much experience with the Beaglebone or Linux device drivers, so I am just missing something really simple here?

Update to a newer release, that has a more recent git. But see my above statement.

It was just a simple error on my part. I just ran

sudo apt-get install gawk

and everything ran correctly. Thanks for the help.

Sorry for bumping my thread again, but I’m running into a roadblock.

The environment builds without any issues (although it does throw out a few warnings). Per the instructions in the thread I linked to I copied the kernel folder (from setup-scripts) into a new folder (/usr/src/linux-3.2.18); I’m guessing this is also on my host machine and not the BeagleBone? I then proceed to run

make modules

in the newly copied folder but I receive the following error message:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target: ‘kernel/bounds.c’, needed by ‘kernel/bounds.s’. Stop.
make: *** [prepared] Error 2

I’ve tried running make config and make menuconfig to no success. And I read in one thread to try to download the kernel headers, but I have had no luck locating those for 3.2.18.

Lastly, I’m a bit confused as to what I’m creating a symlink to when I’m told:

NOTE: You’ll need to create the following symlink to the destination folder for the build to complete:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also got same error for MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh config beaglebone

No manual entry for git-log
Your installed version of git is too old, it lacks --no-abbrev. Please install 1.7.6 or newer

but, git --version, gives
git version

Can anyone explain in details the procedure.

Awadhesh Maurya