Beagleboard c3 doesn't recognize my mouse

Latest version of angstrom on BB c3 doesnt recognize my USB mouse I
dont wht it is I have been trying for 3 days but no success :frowning: I am
using standard externel supplied usb HUB but still no success.

I am not sure but maybe because of I have been taking below error
while BB boots which is about "uEnv.txt". Below is my booting output.

Could anyone help me about that problem.


Is your external USB HUB that you are using 1.0 or 2.0 compatible?


Hello Gerald,
I'm also facing the same problem(USB keyB. & mouse are not recognize
by BB). I do have the same Hardware BB C3.
Where as my USB HUB is 1.0 / 2.0 compatible(written on the box).
Please Help..

Is the HUB plugged in on power up?


Yes....I can see the Optic-LED is led but nothing such with my
keyboard :frowning: