Beagleboard C4 Windows XP SP3 (vmware) ethernet o usb RNDIS - Device Cannot Start (code 10)


I have Angstrom running on the board (Angstrom 2009.X-test-20090305)
successfully. Using Ubuntu Host, (vmware) I have no problems setting
up an ethernet o USB connection. So, I'm confident the hardware is OK.

However, I cannot make this work with Windows (XP SP3 or Windows 7).
I've just loaded a fresh XP SP3 image into vmware and tried many of
the different drivers (linux.inf, rndis_omap3.inf) after modifying
them to use USB\VID_0525&PID_a4aa.

I beginning to think there's something different about my board (C4)?

Anybody got this combination to work? I've spent more than a day
trying to make this work .. I'm close to putting a NIC on the board,
because this is painful!



Personally I would let the linux vm host control the usb0 device and
just exchange packets with the vmware guest using bridging or routing.