[beagleboard] camera for xM board

Has anybody used a Leopard camera for xM beagleboard? I have checked
the Leopard website; there are Linux drivers for DM6446 and DM3530 but
I couldn’t find any for DM3730 on xM version.
Any camera with resolution higher than 1M, global shutter, and with
larger than ½ CMOS or CCD would fit. Can anybody help me with this?


I think only LI-LBCM3M1 camera is supported by Angstrom Linux kernel

2011/2/23 embedded_lpr <nastaran.nemati@gmail.com>

The Leopard VGA camera (lbcmvga) is also supported on the BB xM. I know that Angstrom has the driver:

opkg install kernel-module-mt9v113

Then use the “insmod” to insert it into the kernel.

You also need the kernel command line argument:

setenv camera lbcmvga


Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, none of these cameras are strong enough for my work. I need something with larger than 1/2" CMOS sensor, global shutter and at least 10 fps on more than 1M resolution.

Do you know anything near these specifications supported by BeagleBoard?