[beagleboard] Chipsee 7" LCD and latest Angstrom linux


I have a Beaglebone A6. I purchased and received my expansion board with the 7" LCD screen from here:
If I use the pre-built Android images, everything works great I have a fully functioning LCD and touchscreen, no problem at all.

BUT, I wanted to use Angstrom Linux and the LCD screen. I downloaded the latest Angstrom version
'Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-eglibc-ipk-v2012.05-beaglebone-2012.06.18.img.xz' and extracted it to an SDCard.
All seems to be great.

I put the SDCard into the Beaglebone and it boots okay. I can ssh into the Beaglebone and see that all is operating okay.

Albeit I see nothing on the LCD screen. According to the release notes, it should boot into a GUI:

How do I get the 7" LCD screen to work with Angstrom linux?

Bug the chipsee guys to post their patches so it can go into the official beaglebone kernel

What am I missing?

The chipsee guys don't care about support for the official beaglebone kernel

Everything I have read says "it should just work", but it doesn't :frowning:

I wonder where you read that, since that's very wrong.

I've done opkg update & opkg upgrade - but still nothing seems to work. Surely someone must have details of how to get this working?

Yes, the chipsee guys, bug them.

On the tigal url above the 2nd video shows the 7" LCD working in a non-Android environment (albeit the focus of the video camera prevents me from reading any details). Can anyone help?

Again, bug the chipsee guys about it.

(I have another SDCard with Ubuntu 'ubuntu-12.04-r5-minimal-armhf-2012-07-29.tar.xz' that I could use if anyone has advice on how to get that working with the 7" LCD screen)

That also uses the official kernel, so again no support for chipsee stuff.