[beagleboard] Coding with C/C++ directly on Beaglebone, via IDE?

Hi Fulvio,

Now I have noticed that the OS has already g++, so it is possible to just write in VI simple C++ code, and compile it to run it directly from console (which is great for me).


In the end, I would like to have a better editor than VI, and also would love to use an IDE instead than just using text editors without code completion, breakpoints, step by step instructions and so on...so I thought that cloud9 may work, since I just need to run the browser directly on the BeagleBone and I can code and compile on the go without a computer.

Is this possible? Is there another way to accomplish what I need? I am pretty sure that if I install on the Angstrom release Eclipse, and try to use it; the board will just be too slow to run it,

Why not just mount a directory from your host on the Beagle (or vice versa) so you can edit the files on your host PC with any IDE you like but still compile on the Bone? If you use a managed Makefile approach (as is possible with Eclipse), you'll have the Makefiles in sync easily.