[beagleboard] Custom Beaglbone Black from Circuitco

not many manufacturers would consider 100 units much of a "run".
that's not the sort of number that's going to get you much attention.
just an observation.


100 boards is not a lot of boards. Especially when you have distributors screaming for 50,000 boards to fill their large POs…


Gerald, I am just curious. Hypothetically speaking, what would it take to retool to make a custom board ? I am not looking for an “IN” or anything I am just curious. I’m thinking it would be a huge hassle to say the least.

I’ve never worked in a PCB fab before, but worked for a CNC shop many moons ago, and retooling for even the most basic part ( door lock keyways ), would take a full day or two just for the setup, and a week or slightly longer to shake out the bugs. Meanwhile, the company is “losing” money until things are running smoothly again.

Some shops are really good at churning out small (100 to 10,000 units)
runs of a product. They have perfected the art of retooling the line.

In the current situation, it appears that our beaglebone friends are
in the process of convincing the money people to make the investment
to increase manufacturing capacity. The new equipment required to
increase capacity costs serious money.

When one considers that the BBB is open and anyone can step in and
manufacture a clone and bypass then R&D costs TI and Circuit Co have
already invested, the risks start getting pretty high.

What might seemed antagonizing slow to us on the outside, requires
serious thought and planing on the inside. It can be challenging to
communicate this when companies work as part of communities.

Yeah the risks may be higher but other things such as certification requirements are bypassed. So I am sure its a Win / lose situation. Win on some avenues, lose on others.

Well sorry, i mean for this sort oft hing since it not a finished household product.

While CircuitCo incurs some risk in expanding production capacity on a
board that "anyone can step in and manufacture a clone" of, and
Embedest *is* making a clone of as a second source I will still hold
out when purchasing beagleboard products for those sourced from
CircuitCo as their quality has always been consistant and of the
highest degree and their servive has been excellent. So long as
others make the same observation that does help lessen some of the

As far as getting circa 100 boards made, I know there are shops that
will do single quantities and with that the case a quantity of 100 is
not unreasonable, just gotta shop around a bit. I may know a few
places to get you going so if interested, pm me. then again.... at a
qty of 100 http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BB-BBLK-100/BB-BBLK-100-REVC-ND/4842545
may be an option.

I agree completely.

With the understanding that there are shops which can do small custom
orders at reasonable prices, the conversation shifts from
BeagleBoard.orc / Circuit Co / Gerald sucks for not meeting my
specific needs... to how can I build on the foundation that
BeagleBoard.org et. al have laid to needs.


Hey, wait! Gerald does not suck! Gerald, and the entire beagleboard
team are awesome and totally rock! We as a community probably give
Gerald the most workload and highest amount of stress though. Yes, we
have been given a great foundation in beagle on which to build. If
you need something substantially more custom you've got much of the
work already completed, and any rework and redesign not only is your
own but really ought be contributed back to the community as well (if
you do a derivitive work of the board rather than a clean sheet)


I gave you the design for free. All the schematics, CAD files, and BOM. You are free to build it yourself at any place you want. There is no NRE charge. No license.

Sorry that I can’t be your personal engineering and manufacturing operation.


Well said Gerald! The BBB is so much more than just a reference design. It has been instantiated at a very low cost. I get sick when I hear of so much crap being thrown at the team, just because its huge success has caused some supply issues.
Rant over.


Not to mention. If you build a custom BBB, and make 100 pieces, the cost will be around $300 to $500 a board after you pay the NRE and high cost of buying only 00 boards. .The reson this board is low a sit is is that we add a three zeros to the 100 number. That is the way this business works.


Gerald, exactly!

I have so many RFQ for 100 or even 1000pcs and people just can’t understand that so small volume is not even a volume for an assembly line and consequently unit prices are higher than BBB price. These people just purchase BBB for commercial projects although they should not. Distributors simply accept their orders

If you want low cost than order at least 10k. For example I don’t even know any Chinese factory which can accept orders less than 10k and even for 10k they will charge at least 100% of components cost. It’s business, nothing personal. No one will donate your dreams