[beagleboard] Date/Time wildly jumping forward 2^17 seconds every few seconds/minutes

Thanks for the advice.
I’m not really sure what to do - other than rely on the hwclock (because that reads the RTC) for accurate time perhaps?

Thanks again!

Can you confirm that using the patch results in non-posted mode of
operation for the timer?
You can use devmem to look at the register settings of the DMTimers.

Vaibhav B.


we observe now reading the timer takes a considerable amount of cpu (~30%), is that expected?


Were you able to fix up that issue and then retest?

There will certainly be a hit on cpu usage but i don't know whether it
was profiled extensively.

Do you really need to read the timers registers so frequently? Can you
describe your usecase in more detail?


May be I am missing something here, Can you please point me to the code which makes this assumption?

I expect that patch shouldn’t and doesn’t assume anything. During boot, in both the functions

  • omap2_gp_clocksource_init() – it sets to OMAP_TIMER_NONPOSTED mode.

  • omap_timer_init() - we set pdata->timer_errata = OMAP_TIMER_ERRATA_I103_I767