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I'm stuck. The only image that I can get to run on the BB-xM is the
one that shipped with it and it's image is ram based, so I lose all my
changes after every boot. I have tried stopping the boot process and
tired all the hardware test, including the memory test, and every
thing checks out.

Has anyone else had success with a Rev-A board, Micron Memory and a
Narcissus build? Is there anywhere I can get a successful image to
try on my unit?

I got a Beagle xM that shipped 2 weeks ago from Digikey. It has A2 on the board and I assume it has the micron memory (since it was manufactured so recently) but I don't know how to check. But anyway I got a new sd card and installed the minimal ubuntu 10.10 from here:
It boots and runs well, although I have not got sound output to work yet (something to do with dbus).
I haven't tried Narcissus so don't know about that, but at least if you try this minimal ubuntu you can get an OS that does not lose your changes on every reboot.

There is a sticker on the board next to the Ethernet port. If it is a 00, then it is a Micron board. If it is an 01, it is a Numonyx board. We are still shipping Numonyx boards, so how old the board is has nothing to do with what part may or may not be on a particular board.