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Vladimir Pantelic <vladoman@gmail.com> Oct 13 04:35PM +0200 ^

Hanks wrote:

I want to know if Beagle Board- Xm can connect to GNU Radio USRP2.

I know Beagle-board can connect to USRP by USB connection. Now XM has
100M Ethernet, and USPP2 uses 1000M Ethernet, can they work together?

yes (as far as connecting 100 to 1000 is concerned)

The USRP2 is only capable of supporting gigE. It can't negotiate down
to 100Base-T. So without making some non-trivial modifications to the
USRP2 FPGA HDL/firmware, I don't think you can connect the USRP2 to
any BeagleBoard variant directly. I suppose you _could_ try to use
one of those USB-to-gigE converters, but you'll ultimately be limited
by the bandwidth of the USB connection, and won't get anywhere near
the 30+ MB/sec that the USRP1 gets over USB. And the USRP2 may not
play nicely with the converter either (there is some weirdness where
certain gigE cards seem to work much better than others).