BeagleBoard display


I am new to use beagleboard xM. I have connected beagleboard to
display lcd through HDMI -DVI cord. and give power supply of 5V to
beagleboard. I have also given power supply to display lcd.
And reset the beagleboard. But I could not be able to see anything on
the display lcd. But when I connect beagleboard to host cpu by DB9
serial cable. Then I was able to see UI on display lcd.

Now my question is this why i need to connect beagleboard with host
computer through serial cable for getting display?

Is not it possible to see UI without connecting any host computer with

Thanks in advance

The display should work if you set the parameters for the display correctly. Also make sure you have a DVI-D display. The board does not support the analog portion of the DVI connector. Make sure the display is set to the digital input.