[beagleboard] Documentation and Examples for SPI, I2C, etc.

Lots 'o Luck.

There is no documentation for the SPI ports that I could find and I
could not get any help here. In Robert Nelson's kernel distro under
KERNEL/documentation/spi, there is an SPI test program that shows you
how to do block I/O using an IOCTL call. I think that there is a
character test program there too but I haven't had time to look.

I have SPI working in some code that generates a frequency ramp using an
AD9835 DDS chip. I could send you that if it would be of any help. It
took a lot of work to get from the test program to working code.

I haven't needed I2C yet so I haven't looked at it but I suspect the
documentation is of similar condition- absent.

Plan on spending a lot of time reading the kernel and driver source code.

I'm working right now to get the second SPI chip select pin working.
It's present on the BB header but unsupported in software. I'll post
more as I make progress.