BeagleBoard/DSP Howto WIKI Q&A


I know the wiki ( is maintained by you.

so I would like you and others to help me to compile the dsp-bridge examples from omapzoom project(

I did like this:

  1. Download the dsp-bridge examples.
    2)extract the main tarball, extract the individual tarballs on the same directory.So I got the same directories as your wiki described.
  2. download TI-C6000-CGT-v6.0.22.bin, and extract it in /opt/dsp/cgt6x-6.0.22
    4)set environment in .bashrc:

export C6000_C_DIR="/opt/dsp/C6000CGT_6.0.22/include;/opt/dsp/C6000CGT_6.0.22/lib"

5)download other tarballs you mentioned, and install it in /opt/dsp

my /opt/dsp directory structure is like below:

user@ubuntu810desktop:~$ ls /opt/dsp/
bios_5_33_02 cgt6x-6.0.22 xdctools_3_10_02

6)Edit “product.mak” like below , in order to match my version of these tools


SABIOS_VER = 5.33.02
SABIOS_VER_2 = 5_33_02

CodeGen Tools

CGT55_VER = 3.2.2 //I dont know this, so I dont set it, i think it’s an old CGT tool.
CGT6X_VER = 6.0.22

Framework components

FC_VER = 1_10_04 //if I need install framework?

  1. all of them are ready, then I run:
make -f samplemakefile .bridge_samples DD_XDCDIR=/opt/dsp/xdctools_3_10_02 SABIOS_DIR=/opt/dsp/bios_5_33_02/packages DEPOT=/opt/dsp

I dont get success. instead I was interrupted by this error. I was confused, and couldnt move ahead.

Using dsp project-specific config.bld
setting DEPOT = /opt/dsp
setting c55CodeGenVersion = 3.2.2
setting c6xCodeGenVersion = 6.0.22
setting ipc variable as =
setting framework components directory = /home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp/bdsptools/framework_components_1_10_04/packages-bld
setting fcInside variable as = TRUE
setting loadMonitor variable as = TRUE
setting scaling variable as = TRUE
js: “/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/packages/xdc/”, line 182: xdc.PACKAGE_NOT_FOUND: can’t locate the package ‘ti.bios’ along the path: ‘/opt/dsp/BIOS-5.33.02/bios_5_33_02/packages;/home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp/ti/dspbridge/dsp/tconf;/home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp;/home/user/dspstuff/source/samples/dsp;/home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp/ti/dspbridge/dsp;/opt/dsp/framework_components_1_10_04/fctools/packages;/home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp/bdsptools/packages;/home/user/dspstuff/source/dsp/bdsptools/framework_components_1_10_04/packages-bld;/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/packages;…/…;’. Ensure that the package path is set correctly.
“/home/user/dspstuff/source/config.bld”, line 105
“/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/include/”, line 612
“/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/include/”, line 530
“/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/packages/xdc/bld/BuildEnvironment.xs”, line 135
“/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/packages/xdc/bld/bld.js”, line 80
“/opt/TI/xdctools_3_10_02/packages/xdc/bld/bld.js”, line 148
gmake[1]: *** [package.mak] Error 1
gmake: *** [samples/dsp/,.interfaces] Error 2
make: *** [.bridge_samples] Error 2

any ideas.


Look ^

It's looking into "/opt/dsp/BIOS-5.33.02/bios_5_33_02/packages"
instead of "/opt/dsp/bios_5_33_02/packages", right? I don't know why
it's doing that, but to workaround it maybe you can add a symlink?