[beagleboard] dsp server image location

Amit Pundir wrote:


The default behavior of DSP sample applications is that at the time of
execution, they look for the DSP server image 'decodeCombo.x64P' in
their current directory.

Is there any way we change or set the path of DSP server image
'decodeCombo.x64P' to a fixed location i.e. irrespective of where our
application is?

yes edit the cfg file of your app, e.g.:

var Engine = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.ce.Engine');
var myEngine = Engine.createFromServer(
     "video_copy", // Engine name (as referred to in the C app)
     "./video_copy.x64P", // path to server exe, relative to its package dir
     "ti.sdo.ce.examples.servers.video_copy.evm3530" // server package

and change the path.

I tried it too but it still somehow looks for the Codecs in its
working directory.
Any other option?

Thanks for your concern.

Amit Pundir