[beagleboard] dspeasy

I assume you mean ‘are they working on the BeagleBoard’? They were, the last time I checked.


Hi Yaman,
Thanks for your reply. The examples are working fine on the
My concern here is that i am not sure that its utilizing the DSP or
I am not copying the .lib file generated for the example to the
Beagleboard, do i need to copy?


If they give you some kind of output (assuming the output isn't some
error message stating that some problem arose while trying to control
the DSP or something like that), that should be fine - there isn't any
"DSP is in usage" LED on the board or anything like that but you have
the C6Run developers' word that it *is* utilizing the DSP if you
followed the C6RunLib/App build procedures :slight_smile:

IIRC the examples are statically linked so there should be no need to
copy the .lib file.